Take a trip along Surf Highway 45 for some of the best breaks in New Zealand.

Stent Road - one of New Zealand‘s top surf spots, a big, right-hand point break along a rocky shore and is comprised of several sections including a hollow drop in, a barrel section and a wally wave.

Graveyards is a left-hand point break on a stony boulder point, located just north of Rocky Rights /Lefts.

Weld Road, Kumera Patch, Arawhata Road, Ahu Ahu and Oakura are all spots to look out for.

Chaddy's Charters offers wildlife tours, fishing trips, kayak and paddleboarding.

Best know for their boat trip they guarantee a great experience onboard Rescue III, a 1950s lifeboat from the UK. Heading out to the culturally and environmentally important Sugar Loaf islands on the coast of Taranaki, you will get to experience seals, bird life, perhaps you'll catch a fish or even see a whale (not guaranteed!). You may even see Taranaki Maunga too.

If relaxing on the sand is more your style we are a short stroll to East End and Fitzroy beaches. In the summer months enjoy a coffee on the foreshore from Paris Plage container cafe (just down from the Hotel at the start of the Te Henui walkway)